Spotizio. A B2B Marketplace idealized for your business.

A set of experiences in only one spot.


To create a networked community. To share alternatives accessible to all players to commercialize partners experiences.

Spotizio simplifies. It improves the quality of response to the client’s real needs. Minimizes sales time. Improves results and boosts online sales. With just one login you can access your network of business partners and also connect with potential partners.

Spotizio for players (agents):

A community of suppliers | Reservation Center.

A Sales Management.


Spotizio for suppliers:

A community of players (agents) available to (re)sell your products/services.

A platform to facilitate sales and commission management.

Spotizio is your B2B (business-to-business) marketplace that encompasses a set of companies and differentiating experiences in a single spot and is accessible for connection between brokers (agents) and suppliers.

Idealized for who wish to simplify their day-to-day and enhance the best results of their store/ticket shop, online sales platform, hotel receptions and/or other similar ones.

“I want to resell this experiences. What should I do?”

1. Access Spotizio and register your account.

2. When you open the platform, you will have access to a range of companies from different sectors.

3. If there is one that you had not yet established a partnership and seeks to do so, you can make a request for connectivity to the potential partner, define the (re)sale commissions and celebrate a partnership protocol.

4. Increase results and productivity with a single login.

5. Have fun and good sales!

We want to help you to simplify your day to day routine to make your costumers even happier!

Core Values


Equal Opportunities
Know-How Sharing

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